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My name is Greg Branson, and I am the author and creator of the Financial Website Review. My story is simple; I have spent the last 25+ years investing in the stock market, and have subscribed to dozens of financial websites along the way. Needless to say, I have had my fair share of bad experiences with these kinds of sites, and at least 75% of all of the subscription services I’ve ever subscribed to were complete scams. If I would have saved half of the money I wasted on these subscription services and just invested it, I would be a far richer man than I am now! Anyway, I am now retired with a little extra time on my hands, so I decided to create this website to help any investor who is looking to try one of these subscription services. If you don’t see a particular site on here and you would like me to review it, please click here to request a review. I hope this helps!



1 GorillaTrades I subscribed to the GorillaTrades service hoping to use GorillaTrades’ recommendations in order to find some big winners, while also looking for an investment strategy that I could use in any market setting. I initially subscribed to GorillaTrades in the early 2000’s, after seeing a handful of their quirky ads on TV. While Davee Jones singing the Gorilla’s praises did catch my attention, it was the big winners the site boasted which kept it. After reading of “The Gorilla’s” back story of turning $250,000 into $5,500,000 in only 18 months, I figured I would give it a shot. Read More…  5stars
2 IBD I initially subscribed to IBD many years ago after many of my friends and colleagues informed me that they all subscribed to IBD, and they were all happy with the service. IBD is one of two services I have subscribed to, and have been happy enough with the service to speak highly about their offering (the other being GorillaTrades). First things first, Read More…  4stars
3 Dan Zanger’s Chart Pattern I subscribed to Dan Zanger’s Chart Pattern with hopes of finding some great stock picks, and in the process gaining a deeper understanding of the technical analysis behind picking stocks. If you’re like me you have probably seen the thousands of online “investing geniuses” claiming to outsmart the market by merely looking at the charts. Read More…  3stars
4 Zack’s Investment Research I subscribed to Zack’s investment research after noticing that the company seemed to be actively following many of the stocks I was also following. I would frequently see the company’s articles on my brokerage’s website or app covering various stocks, including a basic analysis of where the stock might be headed. I assumed this was the kind of generic information that was available to the general public… Read More… 3stars
5 Vector Vest I subscribed to Vector Vest with the goal of finding a system with a different approach than what I was used to, and with hopes that it could provide some new investment outlooks and opportunities. While Vector Vest does provide a different approach to a technical analysis; the system is overly complicated and does not give any real guidance like when to buy, when to sell, etc. Read More…  2stars
6 Jim Cramer’s TheStreet I subscribed to The Street.com after years of seeing Jim Cramer on TV and on ads all over the internet, with the hope of gaining a deeper understanding of the fundamental analysis behind picking stocks. Admittedly, it was a different approach than most other services I have subscribed to, which focused primarily on the technical aspects of picking stocks. However, I thought it could be useful to Read More… 1stars
7 Schaeffer’s Investment Research I subscribed to Schaeffer’s Investment Research hoping to use this system to supplement my current strategy, and to discover some big winners. Schaeffer’s Investment Research is known for their options picks; but before I would consider putting my hard earned money into any options recommendations (given the extremely risky nature of options), I wanted to see how the stock recommendations performed Read More…  1stars